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Defense in Depth

Eversafe is committed to security. Defense in depth is the arrangement of defensive positions and products to effectively deter and prevent, or delay and defeat, any forceful attack.  This strategy minimizes liability, damage, and loss while maximizing the protection of people and assets.   


Eversafe Security Solutions is a dynamic physical security company.  Our primary objective is to provide the best security available on the market to our clients.  With a talented team, experienced in design, investigations, intelligence, bomb threat and blast mitigation, customer service, and installation, Eversafe strives to help defend against threats great and small.  


Eversafe has developed a portfolio of unique physical security products to address the wide variety of threats developing in our modern world.  While terrorism, hate and acts such as home invasions and burglary are nothing new, their ever increasing frequency and sophistication is alarming.  The days of retroactive security or no security at all are long past.  


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The best results begin with professional insight. No matter how small or large the project, Eversafe professionals will assist in finding the solution that meets your needs. Careful planning generates the best results and achieves the highest levels of security, sustainability, and efficiency. 



Security is our priority.  

Eversafe has a 100% success rate to date against forced entry.  Our layered security approach delivers proven results in residential, commercial, K-12 and higher education, government, and military security applications.



Eversafe's security and energy products often give clients an added benefit - return on investment. 

The efficiency of Eversafe products,

 extended warranties, and a high level of customer service give clients the results they need in the demanding market.


Security Laminates

Eversafe Laminates help secure glass, the most dangerous and vulnerable material on any structure. Glass can easily be breached by the lightest amount of force.  Eversafe Laminates hold glass together, creating a barrier that will help slow any attempt to gain access.  While not completely bullet proof, these high quality clear or tinted laminates will hold glass in place if shot. They are an affordable solution for school campuses and can prevent future active shooter casualties.  

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Ballistic Panels

Eversafe's Ballistic Panels are the next generation of layered bullet protection. 

These lightweight panels offer a variety of custom ballistic solutions. Measuring in at a slim 0.125” and a lightweight 0.6 lbs., this advanced material effectively stops all handgun rounds.

Eversafe's Ballistic Panels have the flexibility and capability to fulfill a custom bulletproof solution to your specific product or usage.

Security Screens

Security Screens are a revolution in security.  With an ultimate tensile strength of 144,000 psi, these custom built woven stainless steel mesh screens create a nearly impenetrable barrier. Eversafe offers complete engineering and design support to meet the needs of any project.  Screens can be used in windows and doors, fencing, as a fire barrier, and more.  The high versatility of security screens makes them a mainstay in Eversafe's layered approach to security.  

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Perimeter Detection

RBtec Systems are a vital piece of Eversafe's layered security method.  RBtec products utilize a veriety of advanced detection systems that identify movement, vibration and objects, including the Seismo System that measure pressure and sensitive seismic sensors commonly used around the world to detect earthquakes.  RBtec detects threats and intruders before they reach the inner defensive layers of security, allowing time for accurate interception. 


Smoke Security

Smoke security is a new concept in the North American market, but applications in Europe have proven its value.  Smoke Cloak fog security machines rapidly disperse high density fog, limiting visibility in the event of a security breach. A DNA tracing additive is also available that will tag perpetrators, allowing for easy identification by law enforcement.  





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