Size: 24in x 48in x .125in

Weight: 4.8lbs (0.6lbs/square foot)

Shipment Box Size: 26in x 50in x 3in


Panels may be stacked to address higher or specific threat levels.




Single Layer

UL 752 Level 3 (.44 Mag Multi Hit)

UL 752 Supplimentary Shotgun


Installation Notes:


Install BallisticBoard® with recommended adhesive or unsupported, inside or on the surface of walls, doors, desks, and vehicles. Please contact Eversafe for  recommendations and quotes on custom installations and high volume orders.


BallisticBoard® joints must overlap by 2 inches, or backed by a 4 inch battoning strip of equal thichness to the number of layers of panels to allow a 2 inch overlap onto each panel. 


Recommended adhesive:

Liquid Nails® Paneling & Molding Adhesive LN-606 




BallisticBoard® Protective Panel